Who We Are



Pennant Roberts:  Story Teller… Performance Poet… Public Speaker…Fugitive from Wales.

National Finalist – UK Speakers’ Club Contest, London  2006.

Poet Laureate of Denbighshire 2003.

Flintshire County Open Poetry winner 2004.

His short stories have been broadcast on the BBC and commercial radio.

To hear him recite his fabulous poem ‘Jack Pob Dim’ on Salford City Radio click the link  https://soundcloud.com/printer-marc/salford-city-radio-pennant-roberts

Click here to hear another of his lovely poems

Click here to hear him in action on Radio Manchester.




Andy Johnson:     

Andy draws on a lifetime of working in the library world where his work included promoting storytelling, literature & a running a book club (which he continues to do as a volunteer).
He tells in a variety of settings which includes music festivals, libraries, gala days, women’s clubs, storytelling clubs, open mic nights and private house parties.
It is said he has a relaxed and engaging style; a self-deprecating sense of humour and brings a warmth to all his stories.



Sue Dempsey:

Humorous poet, Sue Dempsey, casts a wry eye over everyday events and human foibles and has us laughing out loud every month.

The first volume of her trilogy of poetry books ‘It’s the Little Things’ was published in 2019 and sold oout within 3 weeks!

The second volume ‘Onwards or Upwards’ is coming soon.


Club founder Sharon Richards tells stories to adults for a living, which she says is a great job if you don’t want to eat or pay the mortgage.

Her talks, corporate training courses and demonstrations of storytelling have origami, juggling and a few embarrassing personal tales thrown in for good measure. What people say about Sharon’s storytelling:

“Loved it! I expected the audience to stay in for just one story but each group stayed for two or three and came out singing!” Fright Night, Tate Modern, Liverpool.

“I’ve been listening to public speakers for 30 years and I’m not easy to impress but the way she told those stories was  mesmerising. Don’t just take my word for it; book her!” John Burke-Davies, Journalist, Greater Manchester.

Sharon was nominated for Cheshire Woman of the Year for services to storytelling.

To read about it click here.

Click here to see one of Sharon’s personal stories.

Click here to hear Sharon tell a tale on Salford City Radio


David BruceDavid Bruce: For many years a chemist/technologist and technical writer.  Now a storyteller and writer, telling his own material in storytelling clubs, for charity and anywhere there is a sympathetic audience around the UK on European river cruises and to private parties in California.  Often the inspiration and ideas for the stories comes from that great worldwide store of myths and folk tales that exists.  An idea from here and an idea from there reworked and remodeled into a new adventure.  Following the tradition but carving a new pathway through it.

Phil Coogan

Phil Coogan

Phil Coogan wins the award for travelling the furthest to get to the club each month. As an experienced and passionate teller of traditional tales, the club is lucky that he likes to drive so much!

Thanks from Phil to Ana Sidon for the photos.


To listen to Phil telling one of his many tall tales live on Salford City Radio  click here.


Mark Saperia








Mark Saperia is our lovely, lyrical Irish teller of enchanting original tales.

Click the link below to hear one of his best, live on Salford City radio:



Marilyn Mastin has loved performing all her adult life. After several years in amateur operatic groups, she started writing, discovered storytelling and joined the Success stories club where she not only sings but performs her own original stories and poems.