Sharon Richards’ qualifications as a clinical and organisational psychologist and a storyteller make her ideally placed to train both individuals and organisations in the art and science of effective personal and business communication and public speaking.

Previous clients include individuals who want to learn the skills of powerful and effective public speaking for work or pleasure  as well as large organisations. Here is a comment on Sharon’s 2 day workshop entitled ‘Turning Creative Thinking into Strategic Planning’ for an arts organisation:  ‘I thought this was a consummate piece of training,’ Tina Redford, Head of Music Leader North West.

Sharon has provided training in storytelling to several public speaking clubs and has done so for Rochdale Rostrum Speakers for the past 8 years: ‘When you taught and performed for us were completely enthralled, absolutely enchanted and thoroughly entertained. The evening came to an end far too quickly! Please, please, come again……soon!‘ Rochdale Rostrum.


Call her 07854 227 805 if you have an enquiry.