Training for individuals and business


Having previously practiced for several years as a clinical and organisational psychologist, professional storyteller Sharon Richards is ideally placed to train both individuals and organisations in the art and science of effective communication and public speaking.

Here are some comment from previous clients…

“Having listened to the best marketers in the world repeatedly tell me that the fastest way between a human and the truth is a story, I thought I’d better get some coaching.
When I met Sharon from Success Stories, I was instantly put at ease by her humanistic capability to listen and empathise. Her passion is obvious, and her techniques simple. If you are considering learning about how to get your message across in this age of information, if you are seeking to cut through the noise of electronic messaging and wall to wall bleeps and alerts, then you’d better learn to story-tell. The best I have found. The service is wonderful.” 
Mike Riddell, co-founder and Managing Director Insite Asset Management; Co-founder MyHomeTown.

“A terrific course which not only opened my eyes to the potential of storytelling as a powerful engagement tool, but also taught me some new techniques for translating strategy into a clear, simple vision for all. It certainly has a key part to play in the development of our current and future leaders.” Simon Gallimore, Innovations Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Sharon Richards from “Success Stories ” gave me a very powerful tool for engaging clients with our story and values…I now approach my presentations and events with confidence and enjoyment. This has brought increased awareness and support of the work we do in helping women in 3rd World countries.” C.Halton, Co-founder and partner, Jereh Women

“I’ve been a teacher for many years and can only remember two courses where I left with a new skill that I could actually use at work immediately. Tonight is the third. It was brilliant.” Sue Sutton, Secretary Rochdale Rostrum.

 ‘I thought this was a consummate piece of training,’ Tina Redford, Head of Music Leader North West.

Sharon has provided training in storytelling to several public speaking clubs and has done so for Rochdale Rostrum Speakers for the past 8 years: ‘When you taught and performed for us were completely enthralled, absolutely enchanted and thoroughly entertained. The evening came to an end far too quickly! Please, please, come again……soon!’ Rochdale Rostrum Secretary.
Call Sharon 07854 227 805 if you have an enquiry.