A busy December for the Success stories Club

This month has been a typically busy one for the Success Stories Club.  Just before Christmas we finished the year on a high when Penn, Andy, Phil and I did the club’s annual Christmas storytelling event at  Trafford General’s Macmillan Well-being Centre.

They always make us so welcome and it was a lovely way to spend a winter’s afternoon (the photo  is of us clutching our chocolate oranges that they kindly presented to us. Yum. What would Christmas be without a chocolate orange?).




The day before that was the final day of the Beginners’ Storytelling Course.


(the photo is of three of the delegates, Marilyn, Belinda and Elaine…tired but happy at the end of the two days of working incredibly hard).





So now it’s time to start everything all over again….

The dates for 2019 are as follows: (It’s always the second Monday of the month)…

January  14th
February 11th
March 11th
April 8th
My 13th
June 10th
July 8th
August 12th (to be confirmed…we may have a garden party again instead)
September 9th
October 14th
November 11th
December 9th

The themes will be allocated to the dates soon (when I’m back from my holiday because I’m in Norfolk at the moment but I left the list of themes in Manchester!) but the January theme will be a ‘New Year / New Story’ Slam so bring along any NEW story you like on any theme as long as you haven’t told it at the club before!!!

There will be another new item on the agenda too… one month we will have an evening that will include stories from anyone wanting to represent the club in the 2019 Susan Heyhurst Memorial Raconteurs cup.

The audience will decide who will take the two slots available to us in that contest!

It’s a great contest and it’s well worth having a go at it on behalf of the club (the challenge is the time limit which is STRICTLY 5 minutes… they have bells and buzzers to stop you going beyond that and people with stop watches to set them off! Scary!)

Finally, there will be another Beginners’ course too! The feedback from the delegates about the first course was wonderful so I’ll be running it again in the spring. Let me know if you’re interested in coming along… it’s two very full days but great fun too.

Call Sharon on 07854 227 805 if you would like to learn more about the course or the club in general.

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The Success Stories storytellers set the world on fire.

Another successful night for the Success Stories Club tellers!

‘People have been telling stories around the fire all over the world from humanity’s earliest times.’

Sharon said that to Richard (the producer of the documentary currently being made about how the Success Stories Club came into being) and, lo and behold, four weeks later, there we all were telling tales around the fire and being filmed doing it! 





Colin and Sharon divvied up the jobs to be done on the night and Colin became the Compare …..









….while Sharon took on the much more important role of Tea Lady!




As usual, the tellers were fabulous, from the youngest (Go, Iris!) ……





…..to the oldest (Go Penn!).




We attracted a great crowd of eager listeners and the atmosphere was lovely (tending towards spooky once it got very dark).





The venue was the very lovely Hulme Community Garden Centre. Have a look; it’s a wonderful place.

In the meantime, join us next month for an evening of tales on the theme of ‘Accident and Emergency’ on Monday 11th September.    Click here to find out more.

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Storyteller of the Year 2017

Congratulations Sue Dempsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love Sue’s poetry so much we made her our Storyteller of the Year.









Here’s one she wrote for Mark who very generously bought the trophy for the club:



I believe you bought the cup which now rests on my mantel-shelf

Where it adds a touch of opulence  and does wonders for my health.

It’s so become my pride and joy and, whether they choose to do  or not,

I’ll drag all passers-by inside to show them what I’ve got!

And I’ll keep it safe for one whole year, polish and keep it clean

Then – when it goes – I still will boast and show the spot where the cup had been.

Congrats also to our fabulous runners-up, in  equal second place came Phil Coogan and Steve Tarling and in equal third place, Colin Rowan and Dave Brown… don’t they look proud?




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And then there were twelve

Phil Coogan became  the final piece of the Storyteller of the Year Jigsaw this month when he wowed the audience with his tale (and his t-shirt) to win their votes and take the trophy. This is the the last slot in next month’s big event, our Storyteller of the Year contest.  His funny take on Rapunzel meant he won by an impressive margin against a whole host of extremely talented  tellers – it was a great night all round. Phil is a regular, not only at the Success Stories club but also in Matlock at the Storytelling Cafe http://www.matlockstorytellingcafe.co.uk and The Stafford Knot Storytelling Club which you can find on their Facebook page.


Brilliant as ever, Phil.

The good news continues as the documentary about our wonderful little club is moving on apace. Filming re-starts in the week commencing June 19th with interviews, outside shots (with drones no less) and a storytelling bonfire scene. I kid you not, so watch this space….

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Raconteur of the Year (Again)!.

Our very own Pennant Roberts wowed the crowd last  night at the Deanwater Hotel in Stockport to win the annual Susan Heyhurst Memorial Trophy……… and become the first person to see his name engraved on the cup THREE TIMES!

He beat off stiff competition from members of several public speaking clubs to win the audience vote and the silverware.

No wonder he looks so chuffed in this photo.

Well done Penn!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lovely Liverpool Lad wins again!

And the winner is…….

the wonderful Andy Johnson!

Andy tells lyrical, heartwarming tales from all over the world and was a worthy winner if this month’s trophy.

He’ll be headlining at our next meeting on Monday 8th May and then competing in our Storyteller of the Year Contest on Monday 12th June. Stories start at 7.30 at the Moorfield pub, 131 Marsland Road Sale, M33 3NW.

If you can’t make those dates, don’t despair because you can always catch Andy at his own club where ‘Storytime’ is always on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The address is the Irish Centre, Boundary Lane, (off West Derby Road), Liverpool, L6 5JG

It starts at 7.30 & entrance is free and not only are there stories but live traditional Irish music from the band, the Lowlands.


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Tales from the Emerald Isle

Poetry please

Sue Dempsey has been writing poetry for just two years but wowed the audience with her heartwarming poems about all things  Irish this week at our night of ‘Tales from the Emerald Isle’.

Sue is a member of Sale Scribblers writing group which meets twice a month. She will be headlining at the next Success Stories meeting on Monday 13th April  when the theme will be ‘A Tricky Situation’. Click here to find out more.

Sue Dempsey

Sue Dempsey receiving her engraved trophy.

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