In the News

This month (November 2018) is the 8th Anniversary of the Success Stories Club!

Looking back over the past few years of Success Stories, we have hit the headlines many, many for a whole range of reasons (all of them good, I hasten to add). Here is  just a very small selection of the stories that got into print about us, in random date order…

Some of our Fabulous Storytellers of the Year…

Sue Dempsey 2018: Click here

Pennant Roberts 2016Click here

Wajida Bakari 2015: Click here

And one of our Biggest Liars!…

Akiel ChineloClick here


Winning outside contests too (and many times since!): Click here


Why We Got Started in the first place… Click here


Our Charity Events have entertained and raised money for a wide range of causes such as MacMillanCancer Care: Click here


A Couple of Our Training courses… Click here          and            Click here


Some of our early publishing ventures… Click here


Another book from the club!… Click here


When we had to take a break!!! …  Click here


Nominated!… Click here


We’re On the Silver Screen!…Click here


Our Very First Meeting!… Click here


The Club at One Month Old!… Click here