Story Slam and 1-minute wonders

Story Slam and 1-minute wonders

Monday January 15th

We kick off the new year with a great night of favourite tales from the fabulous Success Stories Storytellers.

With no restriction this month on what the tellers can perform, you are guaranteed a night of enthralling, uplifting, adventurous, raucous, romantic, comical or scary tales (you never know until the tellers get started).

Whatever they tell, it will be a fabulous night of live entertainment.

And, as if that’s not enough…. There will be a section of 1-minute wonders for anyone who wants to have ago at telling a very SHORT story. Ideal if you are telling for the first time or have a joke you’d just love to share.

You, the audience, vote to decide who wins the trophy for best performance of the night and secure a place in our ‘Storyteller of the Year’ contest.

Stories start at 7.30. Moorfield Pub, Marsland Road, Sale M33 3NW.

Everyone is welcome to a slot to perform but, equally, our listeners are worshipped!

Tickets cost £7.00 on the door. To join us for supper, just order and pay at the bar separately and let them know you are with the club so the meals all get served at the same time.

Call me to confirm dates (as they can change, rarely but it can happen) on 07854 227 805.

You can also email me at


Sharon Richards, Storyteller.