I feel like a butterfly that has emerged from a cocoon!

Marilyn Mastin, below, who will headline at the club in a week’s time, went from never even having heard of adult storytelling to becoming one of the hot favourites to win  our Storyteller of the Year contest in a matter of three months!  Read the amazing story of how she found her passion for the art of storytelling in her own words, below…..marilyn


I was not looking forward to becoming 60, but it, inevitably, happened in August 2014.  Yet something told me that I should not be upset at reaching the big ‘six zero’, and that maybe my best times were just around the corner.

I have always enjoyed singing and acting, but I always felt that I could not pursue a career in the industry, due to my disability.

However, I knew that my dream was to perform.  I joined choirs and drama groups when I was young.  Then after I got married I concentrated on bringing up my son, but I still longed to spread my wings, on the performance stage.

Then, last year, I joined a creative writing group, as writing is something I have always loved to do.  I really enjoyed it, and it was there, that I met Sharon.  She told us about the club she runs, where people can stand up and tell stories.  It sounded wonderful, but I did not think that I would be able to go to the evening meetings, as I don’t keep my balance very well in the dark, and I don’t have a car, so I don’t usually go out at night.  However, Linda, another writing group member, wanted to go too, and offered to give me a lift.

The first time I performed, I read from a sheet.  I soon realized that no one else was doing this, but amazingly, I came third, so the next time I told a story, I used no notes at all.  I was starting to emerge from my shell, and I told a scary tale, which I had written, called ‘Fresh Young Meat’ for the ‘Fright Night’ which went down well – and really scared Linda!

The last time I performed, it was the ‘Story-Slam’ Contest.  I shared a modern version of Cinderella, which included references to social media.  Cinderella had help from her “Fairy Google Mother”.  I could not believe it when I won that evening’s competition!  I was presented with an engraved key ring, and I had my picture taken, just like a celebrity!  I was told that I can, now, enter the Storyteller of the Year Contest in June!

I feel like a butterfly that has emerged from a cocoon!  I feel that suddenly, at 62 years old, I have a life ahead of me and I can call myself a Storyteller.  I am actually excited for the future.  Now I can say, beyond a doubt, that  I am starting to have the life I always wanted.  My life is actually beginning, in my 60s, thanks to this wonderful club, which has made me feel so welcome.  I really love it!

To follow Marilyn’s blog go to http://mari9405.wordpress.com

Why not come and support Marilyn at our Valentine’s Special on the theme of ‘Love and Hate’ on Monday 13th February, 7.00 for 7.30 at the Moorfiled pub on Marsland Road in Sale? She would love to see you there.


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1 Response to I feel like a butterfly that has emerged from a cocoon!

  1. mari9405 says:

    Thank you for using my words, Sharon. I’ll see you next week!


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