Tea and Tales declared ‘Better the medicine!’

Tea and Tales:











Twenty-eight people from Traffford who are living with and beyond cancer were entertained by a gang of four of us from the Success Stories Club on Sunday.

We teamed up with the MacMillan Wellbeing Centre in Trafford, @TalkTrafford, @TPAction  and @amphoracafé to create an afternoon of uplifting, motivational and funny stories.

the-four-muskateersThe storytelling troupe this time (we’ve done this before with a slightly different line-up) was: Colin Rowan, Pennant Roberts, Phil Coogan and me (Sharon Richards) and between us we told a mixture of traditional and modern original tales with a few poems and songs thrown in for good measure.


unnamed-1I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and know it can be a scary and isolating time. Being told stories as adults is such a wonderful community experience, it makes you feel part of something bigger and it completely takes your mind away from your daily worries so I applied for a grant and thanks to Trafford Housing Trust and Make Sale Smile we were able to come up with an afternoon where we aimed to warm the cockles of some MacMillan clients from the Trafford area.



It seems to have worked, too as one of the people there wrote on their feedback form: ‘Magical really! Would recommend it to everyone – better than medicine!’

Click on the picture of Phil below to access all Coin’s fabulous photos…..


All photos by Colin Rowan unnamed


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