The Beginner’s guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Storytelling

Many people who come to the Success Stories Club are keen to learn more about the art of storytelling. That’s why so many of our Facebook posts and Tweets steer the reader towards fascinating articles such as this one about the origins of fairytales:  via @BBC_Culture

….and this one about why old women get such a bad press in these tales, repeatedly showing up as wicked witches or evil stepmothers:

But often we are asked for practical hints and tips on how to tell a story well so here goes…numbers 1 to 4 of our  tops storytelling tips for beginners…

  1. NEVER give into the temptation to share the ‘real meaning’ of a story. Your listeners may interpret your tale in many different ways. They may latch onto something in it that you consider to be trivial but that resonates with them for personal reasons.
  2. As soon as you hear a tale you like WRITE IT DOWN. No matter how taken you are by it the first time you hear it, it’s very likely that  you will eventually forget it.
  3. Keep hard copies of your stories and create some sort of index for them so that you can find appropriate stories quickly without having to read through all of them…your stash of tellable tales can soon run into hundreds!
  4. Once you have it written down tell it  out loud THREE TIMES to get used to the feel of the words and make the tale your own.

Some of our more seasoned tellers get asked to do gigs in all sorts of places to all sorts of groups. This week Sharon  was asked back to entertain the fabulous crowd at Lostock Ladies Club in Bolton so she took our brilliantly funny Irish teller, Mark, along to wow them.IMG_0144[1]

Here is is telling them all about his hilarious quest for love  courtesy of several internet dating sites.

Don’t take it too seriously though, he did just regain his title of Biggest Liar of the Year!



Look at the smile on Mark’s face…. he was the only man there with over 30 ladies!IMG_0143[1]






Such a great crowd of warm-hearted women!




All organised for the past 17 years by the amazing Betty Longnate.

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